“In the past, collage had a hard time being seen as a "serious" art form. Maybe we have too many primary school memories of glitter and glue, but for some reason, the world was tardy in fully appreciating how powerful cutting and pasting can be. Thankfully we woke up, and in recent years artists such as Rita Zimmermann have demonstrated the elegant and intelligent fusion of art & fashion.”

ID Magazine

“Multi-disciplinary artist Rita Zimmermann creates nostalgic collages that look into the world of women through a lens of pop culture.”


“When I look at these works, I hear Bobby Vinton's song "Blue Velvet" skipped over 60 years ahead. Mysterious, sexual, very modern, filtered through wit, art and observation, collages that often hide more than they show.”


“The reality in Rita's collages, just like in Philip K. Dick's literature, turns out to be just one of many states of our (in) consciousness.”

Lounge Magazine